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Niche on Bridge in Richmond is a family business. Owned and run by cousins Daniel and Michelle with her husband Jackson. Even the location has a family connection as their uncle was involved with the building of the whole building, apartments and all itself. Upon completion of the building on the corner of Bridge Road and Whites Place Richmond this trio observed that there was not anywhere on that part of Bridge Road to eat. Enter Niche on Bridge.

A restaurant on that part of Bridge Road may have been new but the family behind it is not. They are third generation restauranteurs. This family have over the years owned and run over 60 venues (move over Vanderpump Rules!) and not all of them restaurants either. In the 70s Daniel and Michelle's family owned three cafes and 3 menswear stores on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne. With this sort of service experience in their blood, after they feed you the greatest food you can imagine, they can let your pants out for you too!

Letting your pants out or just ditching them altogether may be exactly what you have to do once you discover Niche on Bridge in Richmond because 60-70% of our clientele are loyal and local customers who have found their niche with us, so return time and time again for the comfort our modern menu served with traditional levels of service gives.

Our guests run from corporate to families. Our clients are as diverse as the outfits they come in in. We have business people on week days and cyclists on week ends. Sometimes we even have business cyclists. We welcome everyone from those still on training wheels to M.A.M.I.L's and beyond. Basically everyone fits. Well they fit before they eat our food, we make no guarantees you'll fit through the door after you experience our food and hospitality though.

We've found our Niche on Bridge and you'll find your niche with us.

Despite the bustling nature of Richmond’s Bridge Road, a lack of venues accommodating to the surrounding locale was perceived at one point of the vibrant strip. Enter Niche! Niche is an ever-evolving modern Australian café, restaurant, bar and function space, which prides itself on knowing and delivering true hospitality and the finest quality. Family is at the core of the business, with Niche on Bridge owned and run by third-generation restaurateurs: cousins Daniel and Michelle. Unparalleled service expertise runs in their blood, with the family renowned for owning and running over 60 successful venues (both restaurants and retail destinations) over the years. Niche has quickly established a fiercely loyal and diverse clientele base, from families to corporates, cyclists to simple brunch enthusiasts.

We’ve found our Niche on Bridge – now find your niche with us!